Basic Spanish

Around the world Dora The Explorer fans continue to learn basic Spanish from her episodes and the merchandise that is sold.

My daughter will start Spanish classes this September and I know she will be ahead of the class at least for the first semester.

Her vocabulary has expanded a great deal over the last year. She is already counting from 0 to 30, reciting colors and the days of the week.

She enjoys learning new Spanish words. She is also thrilled when she uses Spanish words during a dialogue. Her favorites are: Gracias - thank you, Buenos Dias - Good morning and Como esta - How are you?

Dora teaches her little fans basic words in Spanish. There are the regulars that are repeated on each episode and the new ones, that are introduced on each program.

Perfection comes from repitition. As your daughter sits and enjoys Dora episodes, DVDs and books; she is building her Spanish vocabulary.

As a parent I am very comfortable when my daughter is watching educational programs like Dora. She is having fun and I am confident after the episode I will hear a new word.

I plan to continue to encourage my daughter to watch Dora episodes as long as she is interested.