Dora The Explorer Books

Dora The Explorer Books are essential to introducing your preschooler to language skills. 

Your preschooler will learn to read in a variety of ways through formal teaching in school, by being read to at home and reading on their own. 

They do this by using the various tools they have learn for making sense of letters and words.

Learning to read starts with your child's first awareness that letters on a page forms a word which make sentences which by extension makes stories. 

It has been establish that no one method of learning is right for any child, however all children need books they can read successfully.

Dora the explorer books

Dora Books are designed to introduce preschoolers to language and to help them acquire important language skills. 

These books are also an excellent way for you to bond with your child in a meaningful way.

The books are written by authors who really know how to write age-appropriate books, to advance your child literacy and future academic success.

Dora books are grouped in two levels to help you better choose those which are more suited for your child's level of development. 

These two groupings are pre-level 1 and level 1 so... make sure you choose the correct level.

Pre-level 1 books have repititive text and simple sentences. These books are written for children who can recognise words. They include fascinating titles like; PuppyTakes A Bath , JustLike Dora and I Love My Mami.

Level 1 books are written with an expanded vocabulary and longer sentences. These books are for children who are just starting to read. Some of these books uses rebus icons to further help your young reader. The books in this category are TheHalloween Cat, Dora In The Deep Sea, I Love My Papi, Dora's Picnic, Say Cheese, Follow Those Feet, Around The World and many more.

At each of these levels you will find a Dora The Explorer book is written, designed and illustrated to suit the interest needs and abilities of your young reader.

Dora The Explorer books

Research has shown that children in pre-school and elementary grades are fascinated by reading. As your child's first and most important teacher, Dora books will provide her with the tools to develop the foundation for literacy and higher learning.

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