Dora The Explorer Characters

Dora The Explorer Characters are made up of Boots Dora's best friend, Isa, Benny, Tico, Swiper, Backpack, and Map. 

In each episode one or most of the characters assist Dora on her adventures. 

They all come together to solve the mystery for that day, along with the millions of Dora The Explorer fans that are watching.

Dora The Explorer Characters play an integral part in the episodes of Dora The Explorer. Each character has a unique way of teaching your little one the importance of his/her role.

Dora and her characters makes an episode of 30 minutes not only lots of fun but full knowledge.

Dora The Explorer Boots

Boots the monkey is the one who is mostly present when Dora is on her adventures. He is best known for his triple flips when he is overly excited. He is very friendly and enjoys holding Dora's hand when they are going on trips. Boots favourite food is bananas.


Swiper the crafty fox tries to swipes the most important things Dora will need to complete here quests. He is always sneaking in the background waiting for the perfect moment to swipe something and hide it. 

At this point Dora and Boots will need the help of her viewers to find it. If Dora sees Swiper before he swipes the item, she would ask her viewers to repeat "Swiper no swiping" three times. 

This makes Swiper snaps his fingers and says "Oh man" and he usually continues on his jouney.

Dora The Explorer Backpack

Dora and Backpack are hardly separated. Backpack was given to Dora by her mami and papi. She carries all of the items Dora will need to complete her quest. Backpack speaks both Spanish and English. 

When Dora needs an item from backpack she usually ask her viewers to shout "Backpack" with her and the items are released. When the viewers select the item she needs, the remaining will go back into the backpack. 

You will always see a map hanging from a side pocket as well.

Dora The Explorer Map

Map instructs Dora on the best way to complete her quest. She has everything drafted for her. The Map can only assist Dora when she is called upon. Dora will ask her viewers to shout "Map". 

This is her indication that Dora needs help. After Dora reads the map. She and her viewers repeats the steps and Map will roll herself back up and jumps back into the Backpack.


Tico the squirrel loves acorns and nuts. He speaks Spanish and English. Whenever Tico is going on one of Dora's adventures she uses alot of Spanish words. 

If Swiper is coming to swipe their stuff he would repeat "Swiper no swiping" in Spanish. Tico also assists Dora and Boots with transportation. His car transforms to whatever is needed at that point to complete the quest