Dora The Explorer Clipart

Dora the Explorer clipart is an exciting and fun activity for little Dora fans.

If you are like me all you were hearing for the past couple of years was about the little explorer and her best friend Boots.

My daughter enjoys coloring pages of her favorite character Dora the Explorer.
Just the other day I discovered a wonderful book that teaches step by step how to draw all her favorite characters. What an adventure Dora, Boots, Swiper the entire gang.

She now has the opportunity to learn to draw Dora The Explorer characters from scratch.

How To Draw Dora the Explorer:A Step By Step Drawing Book is an exciting book taking the little artist through the process from the time she puts her pencil on the paper.

She and her playmates enjoy drawing Dora, Boots, Swiper, Backpack, Map, Diego and others.

As she is enjoying her art she is also introduced to new Spanish words. This is another Dora adventure that Azizi finds fascinating.

This book really keeps her busy and focused on the task. It improves concentration skills as well as fine motor skills.

When Azizi completes one of the drawings it is a joy to see the excitement on her face.  I think she is really happy to know that she sat there and drew Dora all by herself.

This sort of activity improves confidence and many hidden skills. I remember for one of Azizi's Dora the Explorer cakes we decided to let her use a drawing from her Dora the Explorer clipart.

For her it turned to be one of the most beautiful Dora the Explorer cakes she has ever had.

Children love to color from an early age and when a child is old enough to hold a crayon she automatically tries to make lines. This is natural.