Dora The Explorer Map

Every little Dora adventurer is familiar with Dora the Explorer Map.

Map as he is affectionately called; is seen on every episode and is known as one of Dora the Explorer characters who accompany Dora on adventurers.

Map teaches young children how to be organized. Along with Dora, he instills the value of planning and following instructions in order to achieve their goal.

The role of Map in each episode is to teach your preschooler valuable life skills in a fun way.
Dora the Explorer characters: Dora The Explorer Map

Map sits quietly in Dora the Explorer Backpack until Dora and her viewers shout his name. Map's skills are needed on every episode for Dora to complete her quest.

When Map hears his name he knows that Dora needs his help. He pops out of Dora's backpack and is prepared to direct Dora on her adventure.

Map's instructions sometimes mean that Dora the Explorer and Boots need to go over Star Mountain, Blue-Berry Hill or even go through Crocodile Lake.

My neighbor was practically blown away after she visited our home one Saturday evening and witnessed my five year old daughter giving directions to our home.

We had invited one of Brandy's friends from school for a play date and her mom had just call to get some directions from a nearby fuel station some 300 yards away from our home.

Mrs. Bynoe was not only impressed by the way she handled the directions but also with the fact that she did not make an attempt to call me to handle it. She was so confident.

Dora the Explorer characters: Dora The Explorer Map Watching the Dora show daily on Nickleodeon, is not only for entertainment.

It builds confidence, teaches number and alphabet recognition, colors and some problem solving skills.

Dora the Explorer map has all Dora fans listening attentively to his directions.

This section of the show is very important since they will only hear this information once from Map.  

The viewers have to remember the directions when there are given.

Dora and Boots always turn to them throughout the episode to ask where they should go next.

Having these skills from an early age prepares your child for school. 

This is why Mrs. Bynoe was so impressed with the way Brandy gave the directions to her friend's mother.  She understands left and right and her memory is remarkable.